What happens before the wedding? 

Before your Wedding i'd like to meet you. This can be anywhere, from your home to a Coffee shop, anywhere you are happy to talk about shots you require.



Weddings are long days, as much as i'd like to think we could survive on a breakfast bar when we quickly nip to the car, we simply can't.  So some food, either a meal or snacks would be needed (for both of us, don't forget there are two photographers :-) ).  
Nearly every photographer I know of in the business requests food so this isn't unusual.


Do you take couple shots?

This is probably my favourite part of the day, so absolutely yes.


How much time do you spend on the couple shots?

As long as we can. These will be the shots you show people, the ones you use on Facebook as your profile picture and cover photos. Allowing the time for photographs is an important part of the day. This is probably the most relaxed (hopefully) fun part of the day. To get similar looks to the shots you see on my website, I normally try and get these photos as late in the day as possible where the light is better. So between 7-9pm in the Summer, and anything from 4-6pm in the Winter depending on the time of year. If this isn't possible that's fine, but hopefully we can avoid mid day sunlight if possible.


How about group shots?

Providing the groups are not too large I would advise no more than 8 to 10 group shots. They can be very time consuming and possibly a lot of waiting for those guests not involved. This time can also eat into your session time too. Always worth having this in mind when building up the schedule. Consider that group photographs can take anything up to 30 mins to an hour plus.


Do you have another photographer?

Yes, at nearly every Wedding I will have a second photographer. There will be no extra charge to yourselves.

How far do you travel?

I can travel anywhere you like, but anything over 50 miles away we will have to talk about travel expenses in addition to the photography fee.


How can I get the high quality files for print?

All of my packages come with USB with the images on. Both resized for putting online, and printing in separate folders.
I do not charge extra for full res images like some others do.


Who owns the copyright of images?

The copyright of images always remains with the photographer.  You can upload to Facebook, and give to family and friends etc.  The only thing you cannot do with the images is use them for re-sale or give to others as promotion.

How long after the wedding do we see the images?
Usually all your images are ready by 4 weeks after the wedding - depending on how busy the period is.
Video/ filming can be 3 months for a long length film.


Are there any hidden charges?

No.  The price we agree is final.  
I have an 'add-ons' section on my website for extras & overtime, but these will always be pre-agreed before hand.


Are you insured?

Yes.  As a full-time professional photographer I am fully insured for both public and professional indemnity.


What happens if you are seriously ill BEFORE THE WEDDING?

I've never missed a wedding, and never intend to!
If however I fall seriously ill for whatever reason, I have already made backup plans with my ongoing assisting photographers who will cover me.  Worst case scenario is I offer a refund.


How do we book you?

In order to secure your wedding date you will need to pay £350 by internet bank transfer. 


I reserve the right to use any images taken for promotional material, social networking, advertising and such.