Dawn Chorus Ignites at Eden Sessions

I had the honour of being asked to Photograph the band Dawn Chorus Ignites at the weekend (30th June 2013).  

The collection of photos below are a mix of behind the scenes shots from morning til the evening, and the actual band shots I took while they were performing.
There is clearly a quality difference between the Professional cam, and my small Olympus E-P1 point and shoot camera with film lenses on it.

The day was great and it was lovely to meet the rest of the band. I only previously knew Nathan Bawden the drummer in the band.

I already knew their music, and knew i'd enjoy shooting for them.
I hope some of the images remind them of the day, as it all would have been rushed, very much like a Wedding day. 

Hopefully they get to look back on these and remember how they felt and maybe see things from different point of views that they didn't notice before. 

I got free entry into the venue, with backstage a pass and a dinner ticket, so it was well worth it :)

The stage was extremely high, a good half meter or even meter higher than what i've shot against before, so the angles are very much pointing upwards rather than straight on.

I hope the band enjoys them either way. 

Please take the time to listen to them here, and support them by buying the music, pick from a few albums here:

and their Facebook page here: