Plymouth CX

When I say I didn't have long to get a shot of these guys, I literally mean 2 laps then broke to go home. Not only that, but on the first run Matt got a puncture. 

However hopefully we will get to meet up again and get some proper photos taken soon. 

Plymouth CX is led by Matt Noble and is a cycling evening he likes to hold with mates and newcomers alike to enjoy, learn and improve on riding skills around Plymouth.

Their Facebook page can be found here - 

and the Twitter feed being here - 

Either one of those two links will keep you updated with what they do.
There are some sexy designs for clothing being produced at the moment by Will Amery .
What they should do is give me one for free when I supply them with good images for their Facebook page :P They just don't know this yet.


PS yes I know the modifier is in the top. I've been working hard and really tired, I'll probably regret uploading without removing it, but they aren't official shots or anything so I really don't mind that much.
However if I could think straight then I would have done it before uploading. 

And to finish off, a blurry out of focus rushed gear shot. 

Speedlite into Elinchrom Rotalux deep octa 100cm 1/16th, with two speedlites 1/16th power, one gridded cam right, and the other you can see flaring into the camera. 
Most shot on 85mm at f2.2, the rest at 50mm f2.2.
I could have done with 1/2 of full CTO for the flash with the setting sun.