Fuji X100s, Work, Fun and life update

I seem to go through stages of updating this sometimes once a week, sometimes more, then other times (like now) not in the last 4 months.

Since then I have had a little change when it comes to my equipment .
I one day last month I decided to sell all my Canon gear and not look back.
It took a few weeks to shift it all but it's all gone, leaving behind only the wireless triggers and light modifiers that I have.

For a while I was camera-less but knew i'd like an X100s as soon as i'd heard about it.
I have friends who've had the x100 since it came out but this one seemed to fix the problems of the earlier model so it was an easy choice.
I wanted a small, good looking, walk around camera that could also do similar work to my DSLR gear (be it all in a 35mm equivalent fixed package) .

So from now on I have to adapt and work with what I have, the single local length and really get to know the 35mm inside and out. 

Since July i've been photographing various bike races:

I've been photographing Motorsport:

Obviously some more Weddings:

Then the usual wondering round taking photos and day trips to places: